Our Miniature Mammas are:
  • Compact Salt & Pepper
  • Compact Black & Silvers 
  • About 14 to 18 pounds
  • Love to snuggle
  • Devoted mammas to their pups
  • Athletic and playful
  • Easy to train
Porter's House of Schnauzer
Telephone: 417-693-3134 or
Email: PortersPups@gmail.com
About Our Family
Let's go nose to nose...
      and intoduce our family!
Our Midget
Midget is very intelligent.  She lets us know if there is something going on that she thinks shouldn't be.  She is quite the talker.  She is a great Mom.
Below are some past puppies.
Introducing Emily
Very sweet personality.  Loves to cuddle.
Emily has been very easy to train.  She is
an obedient girl.
Meet Our Jasmine
Who did not want her picture taken.  She is adorable.  She loves to please.  She also loves to cuddle.