Does Porter's Schnauzers do crate training or doggy-door training?

We do offer this service. Most miniature schnauzers are easily crate-trained, and we actually begin working with the puppies at age 4-5 weeks to begin that process for you. At our house, all the dogs use doggy doors as well.  Crate-training benefits senior citizens who would like to be exempt from the early puppy-training stage, as well as others who need their puppy crate-trained by the time they bring it home. We'll be glad to assist you during this stage of extended care by keeping a puppy up to 12 weeks of age. The fee for crate-training is $50.00  This covers the boarding, grooming, and training of the puppy until you take it home. Potty training is not the same as crate training.

Does Porter's Schnauzers accept time payments?

Yes, we're glad to do so! This allows you to reserve your special puppy, and make financial adjustments. However, you must reserve your puppy as soon as possible, and place an initial down payment of at least $100.00.   We will hold the puppy for you while you make payments. The last payment must be made, and the puppy taken home by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old, unless you've made arrangements for extended care crate-training with us up to the 12 weeks of age required. There is an applicable fee for the extended training and boarding of the puppy. If payments are not made, the puppies are re-sold. You may make appointments to come and visit your puppy to bond with your special friend. This is a great way for young children to get to know a new puppy and to begin learning how to treat their new puppy.
Does Porter's House of Schnauzer accept PayPal payments?
(Credit cards taken by PayPal only.)

Yes, we will make arrangements to do that for you! However, you may also use a money order for payment. Money orders may be purchased by credit card at your bank, the Post Office or at your local Wal-Mart.

May I purchase an "all-natural" schnauzer from Porter's?

We will be glad to leave the tail long, ears floppy, and dew claws in place for pre-reserved puppies. All of our puppies are sold with natural ears, docked tails and docked dew claws.

May I special order a specific puppy such as specific sex or color variation?

Just send us an email. Tell us your contact information, and we'll be glad to let you know when a litter is born that has a puppy that meets your needs. If we have a puppy for you, then we'll make arrangements with you at that time.
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What is crate-training?

Crate-training is teaching your dog to live happily in a kennel-crate during the hours you are asleep, or away from your home. The dog learns that the crate is his safe and quiet place to go when he wants to rest. Since schnauzers and other dogs do not like to soil their beds, a crate helps train the puppy to only relieve itself outside. A smaller puppy must be taken outside frequently to potty. But as a puppy ages, it also learns to hold its urine for longer periods of time until you can both sleep through the night! This is also good for those who work outside the home during the day. A crate-trained dog of appropriate maturity will be able to wait until you get home from work!

The Miniature Schnauzer:The breed originated in Germany as a ratter or a Terrier type dog to hunt vermin and be a companion animal.  They are normally healthy long-lived dogs, many of them reaching 15+ years old.  Considered "hypo allergenic" schnauzers are shed less, so folks with pet dander allergies may be able to enjoy them.  Eager to learn and easy to train, they often take prizes in agility trial, but they are also able to be active around the house which enables them to be good apartment dwellers and companions for the elderly.